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23/10 The presentation of the album “the MISSING PULSE”

Finally the time has come to listen all together for the first time the first and self titled album of MISSING PULSE.

The band is organizing a live radio show that is going to take place at one of the biggest rock bars in their hometown Thessaloniki (Rover Bar) on the 23rd of October. The famous and beloved to all Stathis Panagiotopoulos is going to be the producer of the radio show, having a quick interview with the members of the band in between the songs of the album that is going to play for the first time from the speakers of the venue.

Due to the fact that many of the fans will be far away from Thessaloniki, the band has scheduled a live streaming of the 2hour radio show supported by the know-how of Radio Xanthi 93.5fm, giving the chance to anyone to listen live this presentation wherever they are, through the link:

For those who will be able to attend this event, they are going to have the chance to listen together with the members of the band the album and the live interviews inbetween the songs, while a slide show will present video clips and moments from the past. A stand of merchandize is going to be set in the venue so that the fans will be able to buy the album togehter with T-shirts.

The event will be covered be 2-3 cameras, and the tapes taken from this, will be used to compose a 2 hour video that will accompany the full album track on Youtube.

The schedule of the event is set as bellow untill now:

19:30-21:00: Dj set palying along to the sounds of the songs that Missing Pulse covers during their unplugged appearances.

21:00-23:00: live radio show with Stathis Panagiotopoulos – interview – presentation of the album tracks

23:00- end: Dj set by Stathis Panagiotopoulos

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