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Missing Pulse is a Greek rock oriented band from Thessaloniki formed in 2004 by Chatzimilioudis Kostas and Markantonatos Lefteris, they started as an acoustic duet performing in small bars playing covers, soon they started making their own music and after some years and personnel changes Mpaltas George (drums) and Nikolaou Paraskevas (bass) joined the group. Now they are counting over 250 live performances in 15 different cities, mainly in northern Greece. As opening acts they have participated in several big concerts of world-wide renowned artists, such as Danny Cavanagh of ANATHEMA and ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN, and of Greek popular artists such as MAVRI MAGIONEZA and SLEEPING PILLOW. They have also participated in several music festivals, such as “ONIROUPOLI” in Drama-Greece, “FINIKODROMOS FESTIVAL” in Kefalonia-Greece and “OLD TOWN FESTIVAL” in Xanthi-Greece. Their live performance setlist contains their own songs and covers from bands like Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Pearl Jam, Madrugada, Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age among many others.
In 2014, Missing Pulse had been nominated with the 3rd place ranking and the “Best Guitarist Award”, among 83 bands from all over Greece, presenting their own songs in the “FILIPPOS NAKAS BAND FESTIVAL 2014”, which took place in Athens-Greece.

In 2016 Missing Pulse released their first album “the Missing Pulse” (self released)

Missing Pulse are:
Kostas Chatzimilioudis (vocals/ac. guitar)
Lefteris Markantonatos (guitars/vocals)
Paris Nikolaou (bass)
George Baltas (drums)
Artemis Mimis (el. guitar)


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